Pre-K Storytime–Kisses (Yuck!)

Given my somewhat mixed feelings about my toddler/preschool storytime on Tuesday, I decided to change it up a little bit for pre-k on Wednesday.  (The fact that it was no longer Valentine’s Day also played into that decision).  Initially, I was going to change the theme to Hugs and Kisses, because I really liked My Froggy Valentine (more of a kiss story than a Valentine’s story, really) and I also liked Hug a Bug.  This changed to Kisses only when I was able to quickly find two kiss stories and a rhyme that I liked.

Once again, we started with the shape game, but this time I hid the lips from the My Froggy Valentine flannelboard (see below).

Next, I asked them if they ever looked at a fish’s face (be prepared for fishing stories!)  We finally decided that it always looks like fish are kissing.  I used my blue fish stick puppet (Bonnie Bluefish) and adapted Gertie the Goldfish from SurLaLune Storytime as follows:

Bonnie Bluefish goes smack, smack, smack (imitate fish kissing)

She looks at me and goes smack, smack, smack (make puppet look at you and imitate fish again)

She doesn’t laugh, she doesn’t sing, she doesn’t do a single thing (shake fish puppet to indicate “no”)

But swim around and blow kisses like smack, smack smack (make fish swim, imitate fish kissing)

This worked really well, which was a pleasant surprise.

Kiss the Cow!  By Phyllis Root, Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand.  Mama May has so many children she can’t even count them all.  Luckily, she has a magic cow named Luella to provide plenty of milk for drinking and making cheese.  Each time she needs milk, all Mama May has to do is ask Luella, then thank her by–kissing her on the nose!  Mama May does not mind this at all, but her most curious, most stubborn child, Annalisa, thinks it is YUCKY!  One day, Annalisa’s curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to try milking Luella.  But she misses one critical step–she doesn’t kiss Luella to thank her!  As I mentioned earlier, I was worried about doing sugary sweet Valentine’s books for pre-k because 1) they are older and 2) I thought they might have hit Valentine’s overload by the day after.  This was really a perfect story–it definitely got a reaction from them!  They shared Annalisa’s disgust for kissing a cow right up until the end.


Next, I shared the My Froggy Valentine flannelboard that I shared in yesterday’s post.  (Thanks again, Storytiming and Read it Again!)  If the toddler/preschool storytime group liked this one, pre-k absolutely LOVED it!  I even got a few rounds of applause!  This will definitely be one that I use again!

No More Kissing!  By Emma Chichester Clark.  Momo the Monkey has had it up to here with the kissing!  It seems like it’s just everywhere!  And, despite his protestations, his family keeps wanting to kiss him!  He just knew that when his baby brother was born it would get even worse.  Putting aside for the moment the beginning, which fit perfectly with my theme, this is not a book I ordinarily would have shared.  For some reason, I have this feeling that books dealing with a new baby brother or sister are not great storytime material.  I don’t really know why, and I can’t really explain it–I just have a feeling about it.  For that reason, I don’t think I would use this one in the future.  Again, I really love the beginning of the book, but the ending was a little anti-climactic for me.



We ended with the alligator puppet, since the kids have been asking about him ever since our Soup-er Storytime.  I made him a little tuxedo for the occasion.  He recited a poem:

Roses are red, violets are blue

I like Alligator Soup, and I like you too.

Then he went around to each child to let them smell his rose, and, if they had any alligator soup to offer–well, that was just a bonus.


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