Crafternoon–Birthday Hats!

To go along with this week’s birthday theme, today’s crafternoon craft was a birthday hat!  Mine looks a little like Mickey Mouse’s hat in Fantasia, so we played the Fantasia 2000 soundtrack. 🙂  The hats turned out so cute, and they were fairly simple to make.  For full illustrated instructions go here.









What you need:


Colored cardstock


Craft knife


Glitter glue (optional)

Sequins/rhinestones (optional)

Curling ribbon (optional)

Pom Poms (optional)


Glue (white glue works best for heavy things like sequins and rhinestones)



Hole punch

What to do:

1.  Print birthday hat template onto cardstock.  Cut out with scissors.  Make a small cut on each side of the tab where indicated on the template.

2.  Run craft knife along black line to make a slit.

3.  Decorate as desired.  For curling ribbon top, place ribbons on the inside of the top and tape them down.

4.  Make hat into a cone and insert the tab into the slit.  Tape the inside and place a staple at the bottom.

5.  Use hole punch on either side of the hat to make holes for ribbon.

6.  Pull a long length of ribbon through the two holes and tie at the bottom.  If desired, you can also use elastic string.

This was a really fun craft because I got to pull out different kinds of sequins, rhinestones, and ribbons.  Of course, the possibilities are nearly endless.  You could use stickers, stamps, paint, or tissue paper.


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