Crafternoon–Mosaic Bookmarks


So I read on one of those “weird holiday” calendars that Puzzle Day was Sunday, January 29.  I’m not at all certain that this is true, but I went ahead and planned a craft around it anyway because it sounded neat.  Earlier this month while cleaning out my office, I happened upon a wealth of construction paper shapes and scraps.  I mean A LOT of them!  What to do?  Use them for a bookmark craft, of course!




What you need:

One bookmark-sized piece of construction paper in your color of choice

Construction paper (either use scraps or cut pieces out of whole sheets)



Clear contact paper (optional)

What to do:

1.  Assemble the shapes onto the bookmark to form a picture or interesting design.  Several of the kids yesterday used an upside down triangle and several circles to make an ice cream cone, which was SO cute!

2.  Glue the pieces down onto the bookmark.

3.  If desired, laminate with two sheets of clear contact paper and trim the edges.

Simple, easy craft that cost basically nothing.  And I LOVED the fact that we got to reuse scraps of paper that were already cut instead of throwing them away!



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