Paper chain collage

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, this week’s craft was a paper chain collage.  I got the inspiration and the original template from Danielle’s Place.  However, the original template made a chain with only three people, and I wanted more.  I basically just cut out the original template, taped it onto a regular sized sheet of copy paper placed horizontally (landscape) and cut across the bottom.  I tried to draw dotted lines for folding, but it didn’t really work out.  I would suggest making the folds freestyle, using the first ones as a guide.  Or, of course you could just use it as-is.  What’s neat about this paper chain is that when you cut between the arms and legs it makes a heart shape, so I used those at the top.

What you need:

template (see link, above)


construction paper (some for clothing, and one whole piece for gluing the chain onto)

glue stick

markers/crayons/colored pencils

yarn for hair

What to do:

1.  Prepare template as directed above.

2.  Fold fan-style along designated lines.  Remember to make the folds match as closely as possible, or the chain won’t work.

3.  Cut around the outline, saving the hearts.

4.  Glue the chain onto a sheet of construction paper.

5.  Decorate the people as desired using markers, construction paper, yarn, and any other materials you can think of (you could even use scraps of cloth for the clothing).  One girl did a Disney princess chain and another did a Pokemon chain, both which were absolutely amazing!

6.  If desired, decorate the hearts and glue them on as accents.

I just let the kids decorate their people however they wanted to, but if you wanted a more organized activity specially dedicated to MLK day, you could use this wonderful idea from No Time for Flash Cards.  Basically, she wrote physical attributes (green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, light skin, dark skin, brown hair, etc.) on strips of paper.  Divide them into groups: eyes, skin, hair.  Then have each child draw a strip from each pile to decorate each one of the people on their chain.  Love that!


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