Snow storytime


This week at pre-k I decided to do a storytime about snow.  Now, in south Georgia there isn’t a whole lot of snow, but I thought this was all the more reason to read stories about it.  Here’s what we read:

Elmer in the Snow by David McKee.  When his fellow elephants complain of being too cold, Elmer the multi-colored elephant takes them for a walk to warm them up.  While his friends play in the snow and ice-skate, Elmer sneaks off.  Has he been frozen solid, or is he just up to his old tricks again?  This book was a nice beginning to this week’s topic.  They were convinced that Elmer actually had been frozen solid, then were as amused as the elephants in the story when they discovered that he was merely hiding out so that he could ambush them with snowballs!

The Mitten retold and illustrated by Jan Brett.  Based on a Ukranian folk tale, this story is beautifully retold and illustrated by Jan Brett.  The clever addition of a mitten shape on the right side of the page foreshadows what is to come, which the kids really enjoyed.  We talked about why Nicki’s grandmother might think that a white mitten would be difficult to find in the snow.  (One girl actually said “it would be camouflaged” which really impressed me!)  After Nicki drops his mitten, an assortment of animals come along and decide to snuggle into it for warmth.  Finally, after a great bear squeezes in and a mouse perches on top of his nose, he sneezes a great sneeze and the mitten is empty once again.  The kids and I really enjoyed re-enacting the sneeze AAAAAAAAA-CHEEEEEWWWWW!!!

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle, illustrated Barbara Lavallee.  One snowflake–that’s all you need for a snowflake.  EXCEPT…  This book is so fun to read aloud!  It’s a nice, big book, so the illustrations show well.  And the gentle, rhyming text flows along until the words on the lower right hand corner–“EXCEPT” “BUT”–which keep you wanting to turn the pages.  One minor comment is that the snowmen did not have mouths, which bothered a few of the classes, but not too much.  They still really enjoyed the book, and so did I!

Under My Hood I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin, illustrated by Fumi Kosaka.  I finished with this one because it is short and sweet.  It is actually an illustrated poem about the different articles of clothing one wears especially for cold weather.  Since it is quite simple, I worried that it might bore the four- and five-year-olds, but I don’t think it did.  They seemed to be engaged with the girl in the story and her dog, who prepare for an outing in the snow.  They also loved the snow angel on the very last page.


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  1. Hi LibrErin! Since you were kind enough to visit my blog at , I wanted to swing by and visit yours. 🙂

    I love your description of the snow books that you read at your storytime ~ especially the description of All You Need for a Snowman. My kids loved that book too but they were also concerned that the snowmen did not have mouths. LOL!

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