Toilet paper roll penguins

Today’s craft was a toilet paper roll penguin from DTLK!  These turned out SO cute!

What you need:

Toilet paper roll

Printable template

Markers/crayons/colored pencils

Black construction paper (optional)

White construction paper (optional)



Additional construction paper for accessories (optional)

What to do:

1.  Cut out body, wings and belly to use as templates.  Trace body and wings onto black construction paper using pencil.  Trace belly onto white construction paper.  Or, color these pieces with markers/crayons/colored pencils.  Cut out body, wings, and belly.

2.  Glue black rectangle around toilet paper roll to form the penguin’s body.

3.  Glue a wing to each side of the body.

4.  Glue belly to front of penguin’s body.

5.  Color eyes, beak, feet, and bowtie/hairbow.  Cut them out.

6.  Glue bottom part of beak onto penguin’s belly.  Glue eyes on either side of beak.

7.  Apply glue to white part of feet.  Glue these tabs to the inside front of the roll.

8.  Glue on hairbow/bowtie or any other desired accessories.  Top hats were popular with the kids today.  One kid made a quarterback penguin holding a football!  I just love seeing how creative they are when they elaborate on our craft each week!


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