Book review–The Splendid Spotted Snake

The Splendid Spotted Snake.  Betty Ann Schwarts and Alexander Wilensky.  Workman Publishing, 2011.

You might be wondering–“Just what is so splendid about this spotted snake?”  Well–his spots are splendid!  Each time Yellow Snake grows, his spots change color!  For me, the best part of this book is its design.  The cover states that it is “A Magic Ribbon Book” and boy, is it!  On the first page, Yellow Snake’s body is a yellow ribbon with red spots.  When you turn the page, another ribbon is added, showing us that Yellow Snake has grown and acquired new blue spots!









My four-year-old daughter and I fell in love with this book instantly at the bookstore.  The back of the book states that it is for ages 3 and up, but I think it would make a good read-aloud for younger children, too.  (I think that the age recommendation might be due to the fact that the pages can be hard to turn because of the ribbon mechanism.)  The text is large, simple, and rhyming (sometimes pseudo-rhyming), and it provides a great lesson on colors!


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