Puffy cotton ball ghosts

Today was rainy, so I was desperate for a way to entertain my four-year-old.  I had a bunch of cotton balls from a sale at the drugstore, so I had been thinking of doing some ghosts with them.  These are a super easy and cute Halloween decoration.  As you see in the picture, we hung ours from the ceiling fan for a floating effect (note that you probably don’t want to do this if you actually use your ceiling fan!)

What you’ll need:

Ghost template (draw your own, or here’s the one I used)

White cardstock

Black/colored cardstock for eyes and mouth



Glue (I think white school glue works best here)

Cotton balls

Hole punch

Ribbon or yarn (for hanging)

What to do:

1.  Using ghost template, trace ghost shape onto white cardstock with the pencil.  Cut out shape with scissors.

2.  Cut out eyes and mouths from black/colored cardstock.

3.  Starting at the top of the ghost, put down a small amount of glue.  Separate one cotton ball so that it is thin and flat.  You can tear into pieces if necessary.  Lightly press cotton onto the glue.  Continue down the shape, filling in around the edges as necessary.  (I only did the front, but since they are hanging, I would recommend repeating this on the backside to make it look nicer).  You might want to keep a damp paper towel nearby to clean off sticky fingers because the cotton WILL stick to them!)

4.  After the shape has been covered with cotton, apply glue to eyes and mouth and lightly press onto the ghost shape.

My daughter glued whole cotton balls, while I separated mine.  Hers was a little heavier than mine, but I think either way works fine.

5.  Pull ribbon through the hole and double knot until secure.  Tie other end to ceiling fan pulls, curtain rods, or anywhere else.

I think that you could easily do this for a storytime craft.  The shapes are relatively easy to cut out (so you wouldn’t mind cutting out multiples), and the materials are pretty inexpensive.  My four year old had no trouble at all with doing this with very little supervision.  Instead of hanging them, you could make a puppet by using packing tape to affix a popsicle stick (one of the wider, craft ones) to the back.

This was so fun!  It has me thinking of more Halloween decorations to make….

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